Today I released mrcal 2.2 (the release notes are available here). This release contains lots of medium-important internal improvements, and is a result of

  • Heavy dogfooding. I use these tools a lot every day, and many things are nicer, easier and work better in 2.2 than in 2.1
  • Not-yet-completed cool new functionality. Some of the required internal improvements for the big new features are being released here.

The biggest single new feature in this release is the interactive graphical tool for examining dense stereo results: accessed via mrcal-stereo --viz stereo.

The next pressing thing is improved documentation. The tour of mrcal is still a good overview of some of the functionality that makes mrcal unique and far better than traditional calibration tools. But it doesn't do a good job of demonstrating how you would actually use mrcal to diagnose and handle common calibration issues. I need to gather some releasable representative data, and write docs around that.

Then I'm going to start finishing the big new features in the roadmap (these are all already functional, but need polish):

  • Triangulation functions in the optimization loop for efficient structure-from-motion
  • Support for non-central projection to remove a significant source of bias present in very wide lenses
  • Improved projection uncertainty quantification to resolve accuracy and performance issues in the current projection uncertainty method