mrcal 2.4 is out: the release notes. Once again, this is mostly a bug-fix release en route to the big new features coming in 3.0. The most noteworthy fixes:

  • mrcal can be built with clang. Try it out like this: CC=clang CXX=clang++ make. This opens up some portability improvements, such as making it easier to run on Windows.
  • Full dense stereo pipeline in C.
  • Tools to support more file formats:

    These are experimental. Please let me know if these are or aren't useful

The portability work was motivated by Matt Morley, who was interested in integrating mrcal into PhotonVision, the toolkit used by students in the FIRST Robotics Competition. Matt completed that work, and mrcal is now a part of PhotonVision 2024.1.2! Thanks, Matt!

I don't know if there will be a mrcal 2.5, but the next interesting release will be mrcal 3.0. The biggest internal rework is complete: the new cross-reprojection uncertainty quantification method is implemented, tested and documented. The results are very promising, but lots needs to happen before we can reliably compute intrinsics without chessboards and produce full SFM solves in mrcal and all the related things.