mrcal is my big toolkit for geometric computer vision: making models (camera calibration) and using models (mapping, ranging, etc).

Since the release of mrcal 1.0 back in February I've been busy using the tools in the field, fixing things and improving things. Today I'm happy to finally be able to announce the release of mrcal 2.0.

A big part of this release is maintenance and cleanup that resulted from me heavily using the tools over the course of this past year, and improving whatever was bugging me. The most notable result of that effort, is that splined models are no longer "experimental". They work well and they're awesome. Go try them.

And there're a number of new features, most notably nice dense stereo support and nice sparse triangulation support (with uncertainty propagation!) These are awesome. Go try them.

As before, the tour of mrcal provides a good overview of the capabilities of the toolkit, and is a good place to start reading the documentation. Reading these docs would be very illuminating for anybody that calibrates cameras, even for those that have no intent to actually use the mrcal tools.

Let me know if you try it out!

The most list of most notable improvements, from the release notes: