Self-plotting output from feedgnuplot and python-gnuplotlib

I just made a small update to feedgnuplot (version 1.51) and to python-gnuplotlib (version 0.23). Demo:

$ seq 5 | feedgnuplot --hardcopy showplot.gp

$ ./showplot.gp
[plot pops up]

$ cat showplot.gp
set grid
set boxwidth 1
histbin(x) = 1 * floor(0.5 + x/1)
plot '-'   notitle
1 1
2 2
3 3
4 4
5 5
pause mouse close

I.e. there's now support for a fake gp terminal that's not a gnuplot terminal at all, but rather a way to produce a self-executable gnuplot script. 99% of this was already implemented in --dump, but this way to access that functionality is much nicer. In fact, the machine running feedgnuplot doesn't even need to have gnuplot installed at all. I needed this because I was making complicated plots on a remote box, and X-forwarding was being way too slow. Now the remote box creates the self-plotting gnuplot scripts, I scp those, evaluate them locally, and then work with interactive visualizations.

The python frontend gnuplotlib has received an analogous update.